The Risk of Blue Light Exposure

By: James L. Kymer, III, Owner, H.C. Deuchler

So, what is blue light, anyway?

In the simplest terms, blue light is the harmful light emitted by digital devices such as tablets, readers and smartphones, as well as TV screens and computers.  Its cause for concern is two-fold.

Too much blue light can disrupt sleep. Viewing of digital devices at night can disrupt the brain’s production of melatonin, causing sleep disturbances and a dysfunction of the natural circadian rhythm.

Further, the American Macular Degeneration Foundation warns that retinal damage caused by blue light may lead to macular degeneration.  Evidence suggests that long-term exposure to blue light may contribute to photochemical damage of the retina (known as “blue light hazard”).

With all the advances in technology, more and more adults are spending longer hours daily in front of screens, both at work and in their leisure time. Not only that, but kids age 8-18 spend an average of 7+ hours a day viewing screens. As a licensed optician and owner of H.C. Deuchler, I urge you to be aware of this topic and take an active role in your eye health education.  ZEISS DuraVision BlueProtect has been specifically developed for people who spend a great deal of time exposed to blue light.  Available at our store, it offers protection from the harmful blue light from digital devices, TV screens and computers.  Please click here to learn more.