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Dry, Red or Itchy “Allergy” Eyes

There are many causes of dry, red or itchy eyes. The most common is an allergic reaction to an airborne irritant or an irritant on your skin. Contact lenses may also cause redness or “scratchiness,” if not cleaned properly, if worn beyond their normal wear period or if you’re in a smoky setting. Eye strain and infections are other possible offenders.

Eye allergies can be caused by a wide variety of environmental factors, such as smoke, molds, plant spores, cleaning products or other chemical products. They also may be sparked by skin and eye care products or makeup, like eyeliner, mascara, or eye shadow. Eye allergies also occur seasonally.

Is it safe to use over-the-counter eye drops safe for dry, red or itchy eyes?

Over-the-counter drops may be effective in lessening symptoms and providing relief, but if symptoms persist or you find yourself applying drops on a routine basis, it is important to ensure that your symptoms aren’t related to a more serious health condition. The best course of action is to schedule an appointment with H.C. Deuchler for a thorough examination.

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